Real Estate Marketplace is not Just any Company.

Our good reputation, high standards, and superior customer service coupled with new systems, technology and the willingness to explore new ideas and methods offer the experienced, as well as the new, associate the ultimate career path.

Our agents are able to keep more of their commission through our aggressive compensation plan. Our agents pay an affordable monthly brokerage fee and a transaction fee at closing. They receive 100% of the commission and can use the extra income to generate more business. We support you with the kind of services, training and environment that allows you to thrive. This enables you to earn the income you deserve. That's a win-win situation.

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$0 Monthly Fee
$500 Transaction Fee
$500 per closed transaction side - (not to exceed 1.5% of property sales price per side plus any and all bonuses)

$200 per referral commission check received not to exceed 50% of referral check.

All referral checks received on property that you are seller or buyer has a transaction fee of $500

One Time Agent & Technology Setup Fee

We charge a one time upfront setup fee of $300 to set up all services and technology as a new agent with Real Estate Marketplace or $500 out of your first commission check.

Why pay more to get less? Real Estate Marketplace provides more technology and training than almost any other real estate brokerage and we do it at a fraction of the cost. Gone are the days of paying a large commission split.

With Real Estate Marketplace,  you will not be blindsided with hidden fees!

No franchise fees! No desk fees!  No hidden fees of any kind!

No magically changing fees after you’ve joined!







How much does it cost to start working with Real Estate Marketplace?

As low as $300/$0 setup fee.  You are responsible for your signs (approx. $375 for 6) and business cards are approximately $75 for 1,000.

Is there a monthly fee? What does it cover?

No. We have no annual fee.  Transaction fee includes all of the tools and technology we offer.

What else do you charge me for each month?

We only charge for color copies.  You pay $.15 per color page. Black and white is free.

Will I have broker support?

Yes. You will have complete access to the Broker during normal business hours and after hours in an urgent situation. We play an active role in our agent’s success and encourage our agents to contact us with questions, big or small.  

How am I paid for commissions earned?

The commission check will be delivered to our transaction center and your check will be cut to you from the brokerage within 72 hours of compliance checklist completion.

Are there any extra fees like E&O or a franchise fee?

There are no hidden franchise fees. E&O is an annual insurance policy that you pay the Kentucky Real Estate Commission when you renew your license.

May I negotiate my commission with my clients?

Yes. We encourage our agents to set their own commission rates with their clients. Today’s real estate environment can be very competitive and our agents need the ability to be flexible.

What do I get for referring another agent to Real Estate Marketplace?

You get a stronger company with more exposure.  We do not believe in taking from one agent to give to another agent.  We believe that if you like what we provide and you want a good company to work for then that should be enough incentive for you to help attract other good agents to increase name recognition.

Can I set up a team under me with commission splits?

Yes. We offer the flexibility to establish your own team within Real Estate Marketplace. You may set your own commission splits with your team.

Where do I get For Sale yard signs with the Real Estate Marketplace logo?

We have the layout on file at Saftico Signs in Louisville. We provide our agents with a sign template to provide to any sign company of your choice.  You may purchase a generic Real Estate Marketplace For Sale sign for $50.

Do you have a physical location?

Yes. We have a centrally located transaction center for delivering transaction paperwork, escrow checks and commission checks.  There is contract rooms, training room and computer stations.

Where do I meet my clients?

How many clients actually want to drive out to a real estate office to meet? It’s usually out of their way and costs them time and gas money. In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s nice to be able to meet clients near their area of search. Many of our agents meet their clients at a local coffee shop with free WIFI Internet access. If a quiet, professional office is needed, almost all title companies and mortgage companies will let you use a spare office or conference room to meet your client. You are also welcome and encouraged to use the conference rooms at our offices to meet and consult with your clients and to host closings.

Are company meetings required?

No. We hate meetings just as much as you do. If we need to share anything with you then we will email you the info.  

Is Real Estate Marketplace a HUD Certified Brokerage?

Yes we are.

How soon can I start working with Real Estate Marketplace after I sign up?

It typically takes one business day for everything to be submitted and recognized by KREC.

How do I move my license over to Real Estate Marketplace?

Please call us or contact us using the form below and we will contact you quickly. We will provide you with the paperwork you will need to get started and walk you through the process.  Typically, your license acceptance letter is emailed to the Kentucky Real Estate Commission and the letter to add you to our Roster is emailed to GLAR when you give the go ahead. So when you ask your current broker to release your license online you are ready to go because our letter is there for you.  You have to get your $10 transfer fee to KREC. Then you begin building your career by crafting your business based on your goals and plans.

 Contact Andrew at 502-500-9000 or to get started today.

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